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Episode 122: Company Culture That Build Lasting Business with Ryan Barton

Today on Pass the Secret Sauce, I have an amazing conversation with Ryan Barton, the founder and CEO of Mainstay Technologies.  Mainstay serves its clients as their IT and Information Security departments, with a focus on both deep expertise and on warm personal relationships.  Mainstay follows the tenets of Conscious Capitalism and measures success by the degree it furthers the flourishing of its clients, team, company, and community.

In this episode we discuss:

  • How Ryan learned entrepreneurship at a young age  [3:20]
  • Started a business in the tech field and service industry  [5:30]
  • How introversion affect entrepreneurs  [10:45]
  • What should a leader looks like; definition of culture  [15:05]
  • Keys to establishing and developing that culture  [19:35]
  • How to identify if a leader is fit for the role  [23:20]
  • Giving chance and helping people to grow  [27:30]
  • What Mainstay Technologies does   [30:55]
  • Clients of Mainstay Technologies and how they help them [30:40]
  • Tips and resources on building a great culture  [35:55]
  • Ryan’s golden nugget  [39:10]

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