Utilizing Automation and Build Your Business in One Day with Chad Sakonchick

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Episode 126: Utilizing Automation and Build Your Business in One Day with Chad Sakonchick

Chad Sakonchick is the founder and creator of BetterLegal, a company that provides a one-stop-shop for business and entity formation in all 50 states. Chad is on an automation mission, and his latest venture, BetterLegal, automates the business formation process so that what typically takes weeks to do, can be done in a few hours, maybe even less.

The ability to form a business in a day is a game-changer within the entrepreneurial space, so not only does he offer the business formation services individually, he has created a system to allow entrepreneurs to use his product to create a revenue stream for themselves.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Chad’s entrepreneurial family  [5:10]
  • Being a disciple of Upwork  [7:25]
  • Building his first website builder like Squarespace  [9:20]
  • Providing tools to be efficient and make more profits  [10:38]
  • Automate something simple into snack-sized chunks [12:25]
  • Top-down vs bottom-down processes  [18:10]
  • Building automation to make their process more efficient  [22:00]
  • Zapier is a great automation platform  [25:15]
  • BetterLegal’s automated state filing  [27:15]
  • Problems and amendments in state filing  [31:10]
  • Professional services automation in the future [35:50]
  • What does BetterLegal do [37:40]
  • Be a referrer to BetterLegal, get a $100 cheque [45:50]

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