Understanding What Your High Net Worth Clients Wants with Nathan Foy

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Episode 127: Understanding What Your High Net Worth Clients Wants with Nathan Foy
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Nathan Foy is the founder and CEO of Fortis, 9x Inc. Magazine honoree as one of America’s fastest-growing companies. Fortis is one of the premiere, private transportation companies in the world for high net worth individuals. They provide over 25,000 private, secure trips in 114 countries per year to clientele worth more than half a trillion dollars. These clients routinely rank Fortis on Gallup surveys as best in the industry. With offices in Greenville, South Carolina, and Hong Kong, Fortis offers ground transportation to more private jet owners than any other service in the world.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Young Nathan’s first business was baseball cards buy and sell [5:00]
  • Fear of rejection, build credentials, hard work   [7:20]
  • What is Fortis  [8:28]
  • Types of skills/identifiers they hire at Fortis  [11:30]
  • What rich clients want but won’t tell you  [14:40]
  • Skyscraper of success  [17:27]
  • Referencing people against other people  [20:48]
  • Framework to identifying feedbacks  [24:25]
  • Helping people to flourish their business [24:23]
  • Nathan’s audiobook, Fortis’s services [28:28] 

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