Leading Elite Teams for Fortune 100 Companies with Joel “Thor” Neeb

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Episode 129: Leading Elite Teams for Fortune 100 Companies with Joel "Thor" Neeb

Joel “Thor” Neeb is the CEO of Afterburner Inc, a 25-year-old consulting firm comprised solely of former fighter pilots, Navy SEALs and Army Rangers. Thor leads a team of more than 70 elite military professionals. He has helped achieve strategic objectives and foster elite teams for Fortune 100 companies within the tech industry, pharmaceuticals, finance, medical devices, retail apparel and several NFL teams.

Before he became the CEO, Joel escorted the U.S. President as an F-15 pilot, through the sky and flew missions to ensure the safety of the country after the attacks of 9/11. He was the tactical leader of 300 of the most senior combat pilots in the Air Force.

In 2010, Thor was diagnosed with Stage IV cancer and given about a 15% chance to live.  Instead of giving up, he started a youth outreach program in San Antonio that has grown to help more than 15,000 at-risk kids. 

He also completed the New Zealand Ironman Triathlon in March of 2015  to commemorate the five-year anniversary of his Stage IV cancer diagnosis and to raise awareness for the rare and deadly cancer that he battles.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Joel’s military foundation   [6:25]
  • Conforming to a well-structured path for success   [8:11]
  • Being an Air Force fighter,  piloting an F-15   [12:55]
  • Stage IV cancer diagnosis, 18 months to live  [14:15]
  • Training for IronMan Triathlon, massive surgery, chemo   [16:40]
  • Afterburner, creating elite teams for Fortune 100 companies  [20:17]
  • Their process to align their elite teams  [24:00]
  • Picking the right things to pursue  [26:44]
  • How they track and measure their process  [29:20]
  • Missed opportunities of companies  [33:20]
  • Afterburner’s roadmap: consulting agency, buying companies [35:10]
  • Learn more about Joel and Afterburner  [39:07] 

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