Providing One-to-One Customer Experiences with Andres Moran

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Episode 130: Providing One-to-One Customer Experiences with Andres Moran

Andres Moran is the GM of the digital media vertical at Wunderkind, a leading adTech and marketing agency that combines top technology and best-in-class strategy to produce consistent, directly attributable results for their clients. He leads a team that works with media brands to improve monetization, optimize audience development, and maximize consumer marketing. He also co-founded three companies before joining Wunderkind, and is a graduate of Vanderbilt University with an MBA from Columbia Business School. 

In this episode we discuss:

  • Introduction to episode [2:24]
  • Andres’ influence to be an entrepreneur  [6:55]
  • Starting a medical spa business, Sutera [12:34]
  • Firing his sister from managing Sutera  [16:52]
  • Wunderkind – a marketing operating system  [18:15]
  • Working with different types of business  [22:35]
  • How Wunderkind found its success  [23:30]
  • The supply  and demand sides of the business  [26:25]
  • What are the challenges and struggles they overcame   [29:55]
  • Learn more about Andres  [34:45]

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