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Up next on Pass the Secret Sauce, our guest is Tanner Milne, President and Founder of Menlo Group Commercial Real Estate. Tanner Milne, MBA, CCIM, SIOR, has been involved with commercial real estate development and brokerage since 2003. He has facilitated and negotiated projects and transactions with values in excess of $500 million, carrying projects from site acquisition to final closeout. This experience provides clients value in understanding the critical path in buying, selling and leasing commercial real estate. Tanner founded Menlo Group in 2008 with the objective of delivering unparalleled value to clients through service, innovation and solutions.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Introduction to episode  [1:57]
  • How Tanner grew up fast at a young age  [3:50]
  • What shaped him to be an entrepreneur  [7:55]
  • Starting his own business  [10:35]
  • Working on the things you’re not good at  [15:50]
  • Creating the right mindset for any situation [18:37]
  • Keeping miracle minute journal  [22:35]
  • Helping dentists with site selection, buy and sell practices  [26:08]
  • Specializing niche on commercial real estate  [27:35]
  • How to make sure you’re working with the right people  [30:30]
  • Avoiding shiny object syndrome  [34:50]
  • Connecting with Tanner [42:35]

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