Importance of Price Point in Profitable Business with Aryeh Sheinbein

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Episode 132: Importance of Price Point in Profitable Business with Aryeh Sheinbein

Aryeh Sheinbein is the Founder and Principal of  Results Advisory, a digital marketing agency that teaches organizations modern digital marketing strategies.  Aryeh’s bread and butter is helping successful business owners and entrepreneurs invest their money intelligently, allowing their wealth to accumulate so they can stay focused on what truly matters—their business and mission. He’s spent his entire career sharpening his operational experience with investments and valuing businesses, having worked with top private equity, venture capital, hedge funds, investment managers, and banks, as well as a wealth of success in the eCommerce and Amazon selling spaces. Aryeh is particularly skilled in managing large, complex projects and teams—a credit to his excellent executive leadership skills rooted in finance, business strategy, marketing, and operations.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Introduction of episode  [2:20]
  • Aryeh used to arbitrage sports cards [6:15]
  • He got into early-stage ventures and investments  [9:55]
  • How to identify  emerging markets  [14:17]
  • Underestimated things about physical product businesses  [18:20]
  • Applying Parkinson’s Law in business and life  [23:30]
  • Finding profitable products in competitive markets  [27:55]
  • Products that make customers stay away from   [30:45]
  • How to make your products have a premium-feel  [35:00]
  • Common mistakes about presenting your product [39:10]
  • Advice on how to attract customers for your product  [42:17]
  • Learn more about Aryeh and his business  [44:12]

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