Learn Trading in 60 days and Make Money with Rosetta Bryson

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Episode 134: Learn Trading in 60 days and Make Money with Rosetta Bryson

Rosetta Bryson is a highly sought-after financial strategist, an inspiring speaker, a nurturing mentor, and the founder and CEO of Simple Trader Pro, the largest Black-owned financial technology company in America. She delights in decoding what is often experienced as an inaccessible system. Her simple tools show neophyte and seasoned investors alike how to navigate landmines with confidence and ease. As a Black woman standing in stark contrast to the financial landscape, Rosetta is a visionary exemplar diversifying the world of trading.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Introduction to episode  [2:02]
  • Rosetta’s interesting academic background  [6:50]
  • How Rosetta got into trading  [11:40]
  • Rosetta started her own trading company  [14:40]
  • She also bought an AI company  [17:43]
  • Learn trading in 60 days and make money  [19:20]
  • Misconceptions of how trading works  [21:08]
  • Types of investments  [22:07]
  • How to read Candlestick, secret sauce of trading  [23:28]
  • How trading can change a person’s life  [24:35]
  • Time commitment in trading  [26:12]
  • Invest in newer crypto coins  [29:00]
  • Rosetta’s dream is to help people raise their level of life  [32:07]
  • Everyone is welcome to Simple Trader Pro [35:30]
  • Visit Simple Trader Pro and watch them how to make money [36:50]

Links to sources and tools:

  • Connect with Rosetta Bryson on LinkedIn
  • Access the Discounted Simple Trader Pro Masterclass
    • Use Offer Code: BLACKFRIDAY

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