Unleashing Your Inner Lion and Living Full Potential with Chris Rickstrew

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Episode 137: Unleashing Your Inner Lion and Living Full Potential with Chris Rickstrew

Chris Rickstrew is a transformational speaker, master coach, and founder of the personal development brand 8 Billion Lions.  Before 8 Billion Lions, he built two companies, raised $500,000 from investors, and had 25 people working for him. On the outside, his life and business looked great. But on the inside, he was completely unhappy and unfulfilled. So he downsized his company, gave away all of his stuff, and bought a one-way ticket to Asia.

Chris discovered his passion and purpose in life, coached 1,000s of people, and started a business that he absolutely loves. He’s on a mission to lead a revolution that changes the world by helping people unleash their inner lion so that they can start living a life that inspires them!

In this episode we discuss:

  • Introduction  [1:50]
  • Chris started selling candies and Tupperware as a kid  [5:36]
  • He dropped out of 4 colleges, became an outstanding salesperson at 18 [9:20]
  • Built and sold one of the very  first social media marketing agencies in Denver [11:24]
  • Created automated posts for 10 different industries  [17:00]
  • How Chris got into the Techstars [18:05]
  • Tips for creating a memorable pitch or presentation  [21:12]
  • Chris teaches his clients the rule of the third  [26:03]
  • Chris’ quarter-life crisis, soul-searching for 3 years [29:32]
  • Started his personal development brand, 8 Billion Lions  [32:09]
  • Identify real happiness, living with an inspired life  [33:30]
  • Who’s your lion and who’s your sheep [34:53]
  • Helping people to live into their potential  [38:13]
  • Best way to learn more about Chris and his program  [44:50]

Quotable Quotes

  • When starting a business, you have to pivot. If something is not working, you gotta change it before you get too far in the hole.
  • In the business world, there’s so much inauthenticity.  Everyone is trying to be perfect. So when I walked in there with an all-white suit. In front of the ten of the most badass people in Colorado, I’m just gonna be me. 
  • I have outward success but I didn’t have any inward purpose. I didn’t know why I existed. And when I found that, it transformed me as a person.

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