Build A Viable Business From Your Passion with Maggie Karshner

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Build a Viable Business From your passion with Maggie Karshner

Maggie Karshner is a self-employment coach and other than teaching people how to overcome their mindset blocks, she is also teaching them the logistics of starting a business. Things like legal processes but also marketing and sales. She has ten years of experience encompassing managing a small business, supporting non-profits, corporate business consulting, and, of course, coaching wonderful solopreneurs.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Introduction  [1:47]
  • Maggie’s mom imparted business wisdom to her  [4:55]
  • She worked as a management consultant in a mid-sized company  [9:50]
  • Types of people she coach and worked with [11:32]
  • Her techniques and structures for her clients [16:36]
  • How much you should charge for your services or products  [20:25]
  • Marking things up or charging by margin  [27:00]
  • Marketing methods, writing websites, getting clients [28:14]
  • Encouraging her clients to activate their networks  [34:15]
  • Best ways to reach and learn more about Maggie  [39:04]

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