Scale Your Business While Having More Freedom with Emily Morgan

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Scale Your Business While Having More Freedom with Emily Morgan

Emily Morgan is an entrepreneur with an innate heart for supporting others. Her mission is to create freedom and energy for people to do what they love by helping them master delegation. Emily speaks nationally on the topics of delegation, automation, remote workforces, and flexwork culture, and she has been featured in Forbes as a Top 50 Remote Employer, contributed articles to the Huffington Post, and highlighted in the NY Times.

As the leader of Delegate Solutions, she and the team focus on helping entrepreneurial leaders better manage their time and priorities. Their virtual executive support program includes their proprietary delegation system as a service that provides fractional executive support coupled with proven delegation strategies to help leaders leverage themselves more effectively.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Introduction  [1:55]
  • How Emily started her virtual assistance business  [7:20]
  • Mistakes she faced as a leader  [10:10]
  • Women running business differently than men  [13:35]
  • Types of services they excel at  [18:55]
  • Her book about delegation: Let It Go  [22:32]
  • The bottleneck behaviors of entrepreneurs  [26:12]
  • Her leaps as an entrepreneur  [28:35]
  • Best ways to learn more about Delegate Solutions  [31:48]

Links to sources and tools

  • Connect with Emily Morgan on LinkedIn
  • Check out their new e-course The Elevation Quarter.  As a special to Pass The Secret Sauce members, they are offering 10% off using code: LetsGo
  • FREE diagnostic and additional resources

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