LIFT Methodology: Transforming Obstacles Into Opportunities with Randy Dewey

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LIFT Methodology: Scale Leadership & Business

Randy Dewey is a 30-year C-Suite executive that has led 10 companies in 9 different sectors, worked in 32 different countries, and flown over a million miles. He is foremost a growth strategist, but his collaborative authentic leadership style has galvanized many companies, and they have achieved amazing results. Although Randy’s writings have a real-world feel and they take very technical aspects of business and make it understandable, his personal development processes and transformation methods make his writings useful to all levels of management. He loves to Lead with passion, Inspire his people, Focus on what makes lasting change, and Transform obstacles into opportunities. Lead, Inspire, Focus, Transform…LIFT. He founded LIFT Leadership as a consulting and educational practice to assist C-Suite executives and leaders alike.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Introduction  [1:35]
  • Randy’s family and academic background  [3:32]
  • How he ended up in C-Suite in the mid-90s  [9:20]
  • Principles of business transcend industries  [13:15]
  • His bestselling book, “When the Unthinkable Happens”  [15:13]
  • Transform obstacles into opportunities, LIFT methodology  [17:07]
  • Paint the future course, identify and scale growth opportunities  [22:02]
  • Projecting core values to other people  [26:10]
  • His insights in action-based core values  [31:10]
  • Rockefeller Habits by Verne Harnish [34:20]
  • Learn more about Randy Dewey’s books and online courses [38:35]

Links to sources and tools:

  • Connect with Randy Dewey on LinkedIn
  • Enroll in his Growth and Scale courses, see
  • Get his bestseller book When the Unthinkable Happens: How to Lead Your Team and Pivot Your Business for Growth and Opportunity on Amazon

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