The Five Pillars of Life, Personal Growth and Success with Dr. Greg Pursley

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Five Pillars of Life, Personal Growth and Success

Greg Pursley aka Dr. G is on a mission to help people improve their lives. As North America’s best catalyst for personal growth and the creator of “The Personal Growth Program” and “Think and Lose Weight”. His goal is to help others compress time to create their success by teaching them the principles of life that he has learned through his journey.  

In this episode we discuss:

  • Introduction  [2:40]
  • How Dr. Greg was raised with tough love [7:02]
  • His practice and lessons he learned over the years [12:50]
  • Happiness while working towards a goal [20:00]
  • Dr. Greg’s five pillars in life [24:45]
  • How to create a goal and pursue it  [31:10]
  • Changing who you are by changing your habits   [37:50]
  • How did his business grow quickly [40:33]
  • Learn more about Dr. Greg [43:30]
  • Additional golden nuggets from  Dr. Greg [45:00]

Quotable Quotes:

  • I think people set their goals too low because they’re afraid that if they don’t hit the goal, they’re going to be upset and disappointed and that’ll make them lose their drive, their thinking incorrectly.
  • So how did my business grow so quick? That’s what people ask because I started doing these things and I started believing it was possible. And how did I believe it? Because I already had the vision in my mind. So now I know 100% I can create a business.  
  • If you have a vision in your mind that keeps popping up, a dream that keeps popping up. It means if you take action toward it, you will eventually create that reality. 

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