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Merger and Acquisition

Matt Bodnar, named to “Forbes 30 Under 30” and partner in multiple “Inc Fastest Growing Companies,” is a deal maker and strategy expert who has scaled businesses across multiple industries. Bodnar is Chairman of Fresh Technology, Co-founder & Managing Partner of Fresh Capital, and Managing Partner of Fresh Holdings. Bodnar has deep expertise in acquisitions from more than a decade of investing with his family office Bodnar Investment Group. He is also the Creator and Host of The Science of Success Podcast with more than 5mm downloads. Bodnar previously worked as a consultant in Nanjing, China and spent several years at Goldman Sachs.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Introduction  [2:03]
  • Matt’s transformational view in life [6:09]
  • His huge belief in speech and debate [10:10]
  • Matt’s first acquired business: point of sale dealership [14:35]
  • Thought process and mental fortitude to do business  [16:05]
  • Why it is better to buy a company than starting up a company [21:15]
  • Which industries are worth investing in [25:41]
  • Getting deal flow opportunities  [29:00]
  • Matt’s deal flow strategies  [32:00]
  • How to raise funds for new deals  [34:50]
  • What podcast has done in Matt’s life and organization  [40:53]
  • Learn more about Matt, his M&A company [44:50]

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