Implementing EOS, Kolbe Assessment and More with Courtney DeRonde

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Episode 155: Implementing EOS, Kolbe Assessment and More with Courtney DeRonde

Courtney DeRonde is a CPA and Managing Partner of TDT CPAs and Advisors, a boutique advisory and accounting firm for small businesses and nonprofit organizations. They help overwhelmed, successful leaders, understand and maximize financial information so they can achieve better results and move their organization to the next level. TDT is awarded as Forbes 2021 Best Accounting Firm.

Courtney is primarily responsible for the firm’s vision and strategic direction. Her professional background includes almost two decades of serving small businesses and nonprofits. As an owner in her firm and managing partner, she also has firsthand experience running and scaling a small business.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Introduction  [1:43]
  • How Courtney became a co-owner of their firm  [9:05]
  • Courtney’s leadership style  [13:25]
  • Hiring a professional EOS implementer  [14:45]
  • What is missing in their organizational structure  [18:05]
  • Structure rhythms, personal development  [20:35]
  • Kolbe, a conative assessment of Method of Operation [25:26]
  • Process on taking new clients; onboarding implementation  [32:25]
  • Niches and industries they serve [39:17]
  • Learn more about Courtney and TDT [41:15]

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