The Employee Supremacy: How Do We Benefit Our Employees with Andy Alsop

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Episode 156: The Employee Supremacy - How Do We Benefit Our Employees with Andy Alsop

Andy Alsop is the President and CEO of The Receptionist, the company behind the original iPad-based visitor management system. Andy is a 30+ year serial entrepreneur who has been part of the founding or c-level team of 6 different startups.  He acquired The Receptionist in April of 2015. His passion is running the company under “employee supremacy”, a bold and completely different way of making decisions in a business.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Introduction  [2:35]
  • Andy’s exposure to entrepreneurialism  [7:20]
  • How Andy run his company, The Receptionist  [13:40]
  • The Employee Supremacy  [17:00]
  • The Shareholder Supremacy [25:35]
  • Three stages of their company  [33:38]
  • Five parts series of The Employee Supremacy  [37:28]

Quotable Quotes:

  • Let’s make all of our decisions towards the employees. How do we benefit the employees? How do we make sure they trust the company?
  • I want to raise shareholder value. And I think the best way to raise shareholder value is to treat those employees the best you can so they can feel safe. They can feel secure because, in the end, they’re going to stay with the company.

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