Overcoming the Stumbling Blocks in Life and Career with Tonya Telesco

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Overcoming the Stumbling Blocks in Life and Career with Tonya Telesco

Tonya Telesco, President and Co-founder of Telesco Leadership Group. She is an international speaker, author and human behavior expert dedicated to helping people awaken to their extraordinary value and potential. She is trusted by organizations to deliver engaging keynote presentations that challenge audiences to move beyond complacency to intentional living. With her high energy and relevancy, she leaves audiences inspired to apply her actionable strategies so they can win in life.

As a Certified Speaker and member of the Teaching Faculty for the John Maxwell Team and DISC Certified Trainer with Personality Insights Institute, she is recognized for her expertise in communication and personal leadership development.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Introduction  [2:28]
  • Tonya’s entrepreneurial influences [5:47]
  • How to know what is your calling in life [11:00]
  • Traveling with John Maxwell  [14:00]
  • Number 1 problem in an organization  [18:25]
  • Practicing core values, understanding traits and needs  [21:27]  
  • Training and speaking with 40,000 people internationally  [29:45]
  • Common stumbling blocks for people  [31:18]
  • Allow yourself to make mistakes [36:27]
  • Best ways to get in touch with Tonya Telesco [41:25]

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