How To Build Multiple Side Businesses with James Manske

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How To Build Multiples Side Businesses with James Manske

James Manske is an owner of multiple businesses, an author and also a coach. He became an entrepreneur at the age of ten. At 15, he launched a well-known lawn and landscape company, Elkhorn Lawn Care, which has seven divisions. With more than 18 years in the customer service industry, James has additionally built multiple successful businesses in the Omaha metropolitan area, including a real estate investment company and an innovative construction equipment manufacturing company. He is also a licensed commercial real estate broker. James shares his successful process of thinking horizontally to help others find multiple corollary options to expand sales, businesses, and growth as well as reduce risk while creating great success. His creative but simplified thought process and unique ability to envision industry-leading transformations make James an encyclopedia for all entrepreneurs.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Introduction  [2:11]
  • James first business at 10 years old  [6:18]
  • Growing his parents’ lawn care business [8:40]
  • Partnering with other companies and industries  [14:50]
  • Manufacturing and innovating construction tools  [20:48]
  • Helping people in green business, providing workshops  [23:30]
  • Blockers that companies are stuck at  [25:27]
  • Things he is most proud of in his companies  [32:34]
  • Learn more about James and his services [36:50]

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