Identify Opportunities Within Your Client Base with Randy Crabtree

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Episode 163: Identify Opportunities Within Your Client Base with Randy Crabtree

Randy Crabtree, co-founder, and partner of Tri-Merit Specialty Tax Professionals is a widely followed author, lecturer, and podcast host for the accounting profession. Randy is also President of the 501(c)(3) Stroke Survivors Empowering Each Other (SSEEO) and part owner in an award-winning craft beer and bottle shop in Chicago, Illinois.

Since 2019, he has hosted the bi-weekly “The Unique CPA,” podcast, which ranks among the world’s 10% most popular programs. You can find articles from Randy in Accounting Today’s Voices column, the AICPA Tax Adviser and he is a regular presenter at conferences and virtual training events hosted by CPA associations, state CPA societies and top 400 CPA firms across the country. 

In this episode we discuss:

  • Introduction  [2:55]
  • Randy’s first business at 16 [6:48]
  • Starting his own CPA firm  [12:00]
  • Randy as an educator [15:40]
  • Doing podcast, publishing articles, speaking events  [19:53]
  • Tax incentives, employee retention credit  [21:56]
  • Tri Meit’s core values on how they do projects  [27:08]
  • How Tri Merit attract and gain CPA firms as clients [29:50]
  • How to identify opportunities within your client base  [33:20]
  • Learn more about Randy and Tri Merit [27:22]

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