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Napier's B2B Marketing Tactics with CEO Mike

Mike Maynard is the Managing Director/CEO of the Napier Group, a $7M PR and marketing agency for B2B technology companies. Napier brings knowledge, experience, and insight to increase the speed prospects travel through their clients’ funnels, generating opportunities more quickly.

Mike is a self-confessed geek who loves talking about technology. He believes that combining the measurement, accountability, and innovation that he learned as an engineer with a passion for communicating internationally means Napier can help clients achieve their marketing goals sooner.

Mike acquired Napier in 2001 and subsequently acquired Peter Bush Communications and Armitage Communication, growing the company to about 40 people today. Since that time he has directed major PR and marketing programs for a wide range of global technology clients, reaching over 30 European countries.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Introduction  [2:26]
  • Mike’s exposure to entrepreneurship [5:03]
  • Helping their clients to market their business [11:50]
  • Building and tracking their customer’s journey  [15:44]
  • Dangers of marketing today  [20:00]
  • Where to start marketing your business  [23:30]
  • Tactics to reach your target audience  [29:12]
  • Types of clients they serve  [35:35]
  • Learn more about Mike and Napier [37:08]

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