Rebirth From Losing A Real Estate Business with Parnell Quinn & Megan Luther

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Episode 165: Rebirth From Losing A Real Estate Business with Parnell Quinn & Megan Luther

In this episode, we have Parnell Quinn and Megan Luther, founders of The Simple Life – Icon Agent with eXp Realty and DMB with EXP Commercial. 

Parnell specializes in all areas of real estate: single-family residential home sales, multi-family, vacant land or commercial and he constantly strives to stay on top of education in his field. He’s earned many designations in real estate, some of which include: CRS, ABR, and CNE. 

Megan graduated with a degree in Business Administration. After initially moving up to Winter Park to work as a real estate assistant to Parnell, Megan made the move to the big city of Denver and worked as a Technical Engineer for a software development company called Digitech Systems as well as working as a Personal Shopping Assistant at Best Buy. That lasted a little less than a year as Megan was destined for Winter Park. Megan enjoys all aspects of real estate and specializes in research, contracts, office administration and organization.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Parnell’s introduction to real estate as a child  [4:46]
  • Losing real estate business and bankruptcy  [6:10]
  • Lessons learned from Parnell’s hard plight  [10:34]
  • Megan’s strong belief in Parnell  [13:32]
  • Rebirth and building their business – The Simple Life  [16:00]
  • Training people to be professional salespeople and agents  [19:28]
  • Getting more staff to help with the business  [21:40]
  • Roles and responsibilities of their staff [26:35]
  • Mission of The Simple Life and its core values  [30:25]
  • Learn more about Parnell and Megan and Simple Life  [36:36]

Quotable Quotes:

  • The biggest thing I learned is I knew how to work hard and what I needed to figure out is how to work smart, how to be better, be a better employee and be a better boss, be a better leader as an employee as well.
  • Align yourself with a group of people that can show you how to build a business 
  • The Simple Life’s mission is to help you, which is anybody, it’s our clients, it’s our friends, family. It’s the agents that we partner with, it’s to help you achieve financial freedom through real estate.

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