How To Sell Your Small Business At Best Price with Jessica Fialkovich

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Episode 166 - How To Sell Your Small Business At Best Price with Jessica Fialkovich

Jessica Fialkovich is an exit expert, keynote speaker, small business advocate, and award‑winning business owner. The founder of Exit Factor, she is also the co-owner of Transworld Business Advisors in Colorado, Dallas-Fort Worth, and Las Vegas. Jessica is an entrepreneur at heart and successfully built and sold two startups, along with her husband and business partner, Al. Their business brokerage offices have been recognized by the premier industry associations as the team that completes the most sales of businesses annually. She holds active board positions for entrepreneurial groups including Entrepreneurs’ Organization.

Jessica Fialkovich has been teaching entrepreneurs how to prep and sell their “baby” for over a decade. Get her new book, Getting the Most for Selling Your Business and learn the practical steps to sell your small business for the best price!

In this episode we discuss:

  • Jessica’s new book  [4:42]
  • Getting more clients to compete for your business  [7:45]
  • How is the M&A market today   [11:08]
  • Things to know when buying a business  [16:25]
  • Things to do and not do when buying a business  [20:38]
  • Learn more about Jessica and her new book  [24.44]

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