Getting Harvard To Boost Business Credibility with Manu Smadja

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Partnering with Harvard, Boost Business Credibiltiy

Manu Smadja is the founder of MPOWER Financing. Manu never intended to become an entrepreneur overseeing a global company, but his imagination got the best of him when he experienced his own personal financial hardships as a French international student juggling five jobs. At that point, he knew he wanted to make a difference by reinventing the loan industry for international students and, soon after DACA students.

In this episode we discuss:

  • How Manu became an accidental entrepreneur  [6:34]
  • Goals they wanted they achieve for their business  [11:10]
  • Getting Harvard School as their first partner  [16:29]
  • Major hurdles they experience in the business  [21:58]
  • International students have a lower rate of default  [26:43]
  • How they get Harvard as their first partner  [30:46]
  • Figuring and enforcing practices in their company  [36:23]
  • Where to check their services  [41:15]
  • Tips on growing and managing large people  [43:43]

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Quotable Quotes:

  • I think we pride ourselves in actually being, not a break everything type of startup, but actually like to work well within the regulatory frameworks and make regulations.

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