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Break through the Habit of Thinking with Joseph O'Connor

Joseph O’Connor is the co-founder of the International Coaching Community (ICC), and one of the best known and respected coaches and coach trainers in the world. Joseph was a professional musician and it is clear that success is much more than just being good at what you do. You had to give your best at the right moment. Author of nineteen books in thirty languages on coaching, training and neuroscience that have sold half a million copies worldwide. He follows his two great interests, giving coaching training and courses on creative nonfiction writing. Beyond his writing and coaching work, Joseph enjoys enlightening audiences with fascinating insights about how our brains actually work as opposed to how we hope they do.

In this episode we discuss:

  • What Joseph’s dinner table looked like  [4:06]
  • His background in writing books  [10:27]
  • How did his books help him become established  [12:15]
  • How to be a good executive coach  [15:43]
  • What are the responsibilities of a coach and a client  [19:50]
  • Breaking through habits of thinking  [25:27]
  • Joseph’s golden nuggets  [32:25]
  • Best ways to learn more about Joseph  [32:52]

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