Establishing Client Avatar for Your Business with John Highley

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Establishing Client Avatar for Your Business with John Highley

John Highley is the owner of the Marketing Savage. John Highley’s mission in life is to help business owners break the shackles of conformity. John has coached and consulted over 10,000 clients who have now gone on to become winners and dominate their markets. John is a full-time entrepreneur who has ownership in 6 companies. He’s also a loving husband and proud father and lives in Dallas Texas!

In this episode we discuss:

  • John’s entrepreneurial journey with his grandfather  [5:12]
  • His belief in the law of increase  [9:42]
  • Money meditation: Abundance about money  [12:40]
  • What we lack as a human beings [16:45]
  • Effective ways to communicate with people  [22:42]
  • Client avatar, Pete Vargas, lead magnet  [26:50]
  • What are the right lead magnets [31:25]
  • John’s book, The Marketing Savage [35:40]
  • Best ways to get in touch with John  [41:21]

Quotable Quotes:

  • As a marketer, I understand that there are only two, really two human motivations when it comes to purchasing anything at the core. And that is either they’re trying to get away from decrease, or they’re moving towards increase.
  • You’ve got to look at the people that are in your community, the ones that can really expand your message and follow them, comment on their stuff, talk on it, get to know them, and reach out.

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