Turning Threats & Fears into Opportunities with Andrew McDowell

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Turning threats and fears into opportunities with Andrew Mcdowell

Andrew McDowell is an engineer by trade and a creative by nature. He spent 22 years with the Boeing Company, where he always felt more like a life coach than a boss. In 2002, he began his journey into entrepreneurship within a Corporation when he was asked to develop an Airspace Design Consulting business from scratch that would serve the global government market. Andy has a Bachelor’s Degree from Georgia Tech in Electrical Engineering and a Master’s Degree in Computer Information Systems from Georgia State. Naturally, his aviation work took him around the world and enabled him to work on high-profile projects – such as preparing the Beijing and Sochi Airports for their respective Olympic Games.

Andy would love to have a conversation with you about how he might be able to use his strategic skills developed from his years with the Boeing Company to Generate Your Value in your personal and professional life. He has a keen sense for applying business concepts to life coaching, and life coaching concepts to business.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Andrew’s business conversations with his dad [5:13]
  • His dad’s advice about products and services  [7:43]
  • Andrew’s education and career background [9:25]
  • His motivation to start his own company  [12:45]
  • The strengths he brings to other people  [14:20]
  • Types of leadership mindset  [17:25]
  • Turning threats and fears into opportunities  [21:30]
  • Blockers being in a leadership position  [25:10]
  • Results of Andrew’s coaching and training  [29:20]  
  • Learn more about Andrew and his services  [31:45]

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