Building a Business with a Giving Component with Randy Molland

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Episode 176: Profit-to-Purpose Business with Randy Molland with Randy Molland

Randy Molland is the co-founder of a real estate investment/ educational company called The REInvestors. Randy built The REInvestors when he was 25 years old to help investors get connected to incredible investment opportunities. Although real estate is where his entrepreneurial journey started, Randy’s true passion lies in the bigger mission of wanting to inspire people with their #GoBigToGiveBig movement where they encourage others to go bigger with their dreams and goals so that you can give bigger with their profits.

In this episode, Randy and I are going to dive into the who, what and where of running a “for purpose” business. Their goal of giving back to the community is not something that every entrepreneur will do! Furthermore, we talked about finding your true passion, the criticisms you can face, and how to handle them.

Episode Highlight

  • What is the inspiration Randy got from his father [5:40]
  • How Randy learned about real estate [8:05]
  • Building a business with a giving component [13:45]
  • How Randy grow their network through meetups  [15:16]
  • Raising capital for real estate projects  [16:59]
  • What are the charities they support  [23:18]
  • Challenges they face in their business [26:12]
  • How to find the right charity to support [31:33]

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