How Does Hiring A Fractional CMO Help Your Business with Avi Kumar

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How Does Hiring A Fractional CMO Help Your Business with Avi Kumar

Avi Kumar is the founder and CEO of KUWARE, Inc, a marketing and advertising agency based in Austin, TX. KUWARE’s primary focus is on marketing strategy delivered through a fractional CMO model and eCommerce-As-A-Service. He is also the CEO and Chief Wizard of InvisiblePPC, a white-label PPC agency that he recently required. As a behind-the-scenes white-label partner, InvisiblePPC, helps smaller agencies fulfill the marketing needs of local businesses.  

 Avi prides himself on being an #irreverentmarketer, with a belief in looking past the star power of marketing “gurus” and shattering marketing myths. He places the objective data and science of marketing before subjective criteria and helps his clients and agency partners succeed in a crowded marketplace.  

Avi has spoken at the prestigious Traffic & Conversions Summit alongside such speakers as Martha Stewart, Marie Forleo,  Chip Wilson, and Snoop Dogg!

Episode Highlight:

  • Who is Avi Kumar?  [0:41]
  • What was the first lesson about marketing from his father  [1:42]
  • Avi’s transition from corporate to doing business  [4:53]
  • Similarities and differences between living in America and India [6:28]
  • The biggest challenge of his clients  in marketing [10:53]
  • Why did Avi stop working with brand new ideas  [15:19]
  • What is the maximum spend in marketing to acquire customers [17:25]
  • How Avi approaches marketing statistically  [22:29]
  • Book recommendation “Don’t Make Me Think”  [27:50]
  • Avi shared a stellar success story of his client [30:58]
  • Hiring a fractional CMO for your business  [37:02]

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