Discovering Your Authenticity Through Arts with Whitney Freya

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Episode 178: Discovering Your Authenticity Through Arts with Whitney Freya

Whitney Freya is an expert in Inspired Living, the author of three books on personal creativity, the most recent being 30 Days to Unstoppable. She is also an inspirational speaker and the leader of a community that circles around the fire of inspiration & personal freedom through her online programs and coaching training.

Episode Highlight:

  • Who is Whitney Freya  [0:35]
  • How Whitney started training and selling books [1:58]
  • Only some people are born with creative artistic genes [7:31]
  • The nature of a creative mind  [10:16]
  • Freya opening an art center [12:50]
  • How her painting practice recreate her adult life [14:47]
  • Dual processors in our brain [16:30]
  • How to work with Freya on the creativity process  [22:36]
  • Paint to create what you want to experience in reality   [24:14]
  • Freya’s book, 30 Days to Unstoppable  [32:09]

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