Building Wealth Through Insurance Policy with Brent Kesler

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Building Wealth Through Insurance Policy with Brent Kesler

Brent Kesler’s primary goal in making this move was to help more people understand how to manage and grow their wealth. For the last 10-plus years, Brent has been lecturing thousands of people around the country on the dynamics of the TMM Method and helping individuals break the bonds of financial slavery they don’t even realize they are in. He teaches this powerful method on how to keep control of your own money.

Brent Kesler paid off $984,711 in 3rd party debt in 39 months after implementing The Money Multiplier (TMM) Method. 

Episode Highlights:

  • Who is Brent Kesler?  [0:26]
  • Brent’s rough childhood times, marriage and education  [7:03] 
  • Having  $900,000+ debts on 3rd party creditors  [12:52]
  • Life insurance policy with immediate high dividend cash value  [17:10]
  • The Money Multiplier Map [23:40]
  • Recycling and recapturing every dollar [28:00]
  • How does owning a policy look like  [31:50]
  • What to know in Brent’s policy method [36:41]
  • Learn more about Brent and his e-book and presentations [42:51]

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