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User-Friendly Innovation, UXReactor

Satyam Kantamneni is the Chief Experience Officer at UXReactor. In less than 7 years, UXReactor has become the fastest growing specialized experience design firm in the US, with a team of 50+ employees spread over three continents. Through UXReactor, Satyam is demonstrating that UX can and should drive enterprise-wide innovation and business outcomes. UXReactor has enabled clients to generate multiple billions in additional value from user-centered innovation.

Satyam has also advanced the UX discipline by developing the PragmaticUX framework: a consistent, replicable, measurable, and scalable approach to innovation. UXReactor relies on this proven framework to lead user experience and product innovation for multiple Fortune 500 Companies.

Satyam is passionate about user-centered innovation and he is authoring a book titled User Experience Playbook: A Practical to Fuel Business Growth.

Episode Highlights:

  • Who is Satyam Kantamneni  [2:20]
  • Running his own company with military ethos  [6:30]
  • What does his company do and how do they help clients  [9:27]
  • Creating a prototype and going to a new market  [14:30]
  • Importance of processes in personalizing user experience [17:45]
  • Industries that nailed the user experience  [24:13]
  • Playbooks: The power of designs, 27 How Do I’s, case studies  [30:53]
  • Missteps when it comes to user experience [37:36]

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