Healing and Restoration for Human Trafficking Survivors with Rodney Hammer

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Healing and Restoration for Human Trafficking Survivors with Rodney Hammer

Rodney Hammer, founder and president of ReHope of Greater Kansas City.  ReHope houses women and children who have been trafficked. The house offers a family-style environment where the people are taught faith, job skills, trauma-informed therapy, and recovery skills and have time to heal from their experiences. Children are often placed in trauma-informed foster care if a responsible parent or guardian from within the family isn’t available after they’ve received treatment. Mr. Hammer talked about ways to spot possible victims of human trafficking and also discussed some of the things that might lead to vulnerability–childhood abuse and trauma, addiction, and abandonment. Rodney and his wife and staff hope to see all of their residents restored to wholeness through Jesus Christ. They offer lifelong connections for all of the residents, to help them stay on track for the rest of their lives.

Episode Highlight:

  • How do entrepreneurs find their way into the not-for-profit realm  [1:10]
  • What are the methods  to overcome the blockers in a business  [2:17]
  • Why Rodney helps human trafficking survivors  [3:37]
  • Rodney’s self-introduction  [7:30]
  • How are the survivors healing in their facility  [10:00]
  • How to know if a person is a victim of trafficking  [17:10]
  • Things to do if you notice there’s trafficking taking place  [22:00]
  • How has ReHope changed from when it was first started  [25:40]
  • How does ReHope is changing the lives of human trafficking survivors  [28:33]
  • Where to reach out if you know someone’s a victim of trafficking [31:20]

Episode Highlight:

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