How to Build Continuous Substantial Wealth with Dana Cornell

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Episode 187: How to Build Continuous Substantial Wealth with Dana Cornell

Dana Cornell is the CEO and founder of Cornell Capital. He is a Certified Investment Management Analyst and Certified Financial Planner, whose passion is to take the uncertainty out of investing and provide consistent returns his clients can count on. Dana has over 20 years of experience in the financial industry, and Cornell Capital was born out of a need recognized to create consistent, predictable income and wealth.

Episode Highlight:

  • How Dana’s father influenced him in life [2:30]
  • His learnings about finances and wealth  [6:15]
  • Ways to build wealth  [7:53]
  • Dana’s role in bringing opportunities to investors  [10:50]
  • What services his company offered  [14:07]
  • 99 Entrepreneur Strong  [18:30]
  • Things that scare a potential buyer of their business  [25:40]
  • Get more exposure and best gain for their business  [27:20]
  • Course on how to raise private equity   [31:28]
  • What does Dana’s process look like [37:20]
  • How to get in touch with Dana  [40:22]

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