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Establishing Right Pricing for your Service/Product

Kyle Livingston is a Business Operations Consultant at 7 Figure Industry. Kyle was left at a yard sale as a 12-week-old baby, he then lost $160k of his own money in a failed company, so he knows what failure feels like, tastes like, and smells like. From the lessons learned, Kyle Livingston has since built three 7 figure brick and mortar companies and helped turn nine companies in the red to be wildly profitable. Now as a Business Consultant and Coach his goal is to help others turn Chaos into Profit.

Episode Highlights:

  • How Kyle started entrepreneurship early on [5:40]
  • Failures in business and what he learned from it  [11:10]
  • How Kyle assesses a business  [17:35]
  • What defines infrastructure [20:40]
  • Who to hire and when to hire [22:55]
  • Pricing your service without breaking the business [26:10]
  • 99 Entrepreneur Strong  [27:03]
  • Book: “Willpower doesn’t work”  [34:00]
  • The process to establish the right pricing for your services  [41:30]
  • Learn more about Kyle and his services  [47:05]

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