Understanding Insurances Better with RightSure President Jeff Arnold

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Jeff Arnold is the President of RIGHTSURE, which offers consumers a wide selection of affordable and reliable insurance solutions and a hassle-free purchasing process by combining a unique, client-centered strategy with cutting-edge technology. He’s been an industry leader for over 30 years, even being referred to as a thought leader and global ambassador for the insurance industry.

RIGHTSURE Insurance Group has offices in Tucson and Sierra Vista, Arizona and provides insurance to customers all over the United States.  

Episode Highlights:

  • Who is Jeff Arnold  [2:27]
  • How Jeff got  into the insurance industry  [6:08]
  • Early challenges in Jeff’s entrepreneurship journey  [7:13]
  • How to achieve growth in any business  [11:35]
  • The hurdles that Jeff overcame in the tech route  [18:42]
  • Jeff talked about the insurance industry  [21:44]
  • What does tech do in the insurance industry  [24:23]
  • Insurance and its process  [30:15]
  • What are Habitational Risk [39:10]

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