Accomplish Your Biggest Dream through Bucket List Program with Marty Elberg

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As a Bucket List Life coach, Marty Elberg changes people’s perceptions, wakes them up, and inspires them to live the life they dream of. His aim is to inspire participants to live a regret-free life and take action on what really matters to them. He teaches participants how to develop a work-life blend that results in greater fulfillment in their lives. The unique methods he uses for goal-setting and achieving them, lifestyle design practices, and group accountability enable audiences to experience amazing results.

Episode Highlights:

  • Where Marty got his entrepreneurial side  [4:02]
  • Marty’s journey as a Bucket List coach  [8:28]
  • What is the coaching process of Bucket List [15:20]
  • The results of doing Bucket List for his clients  [18:35]
  • The No-Time Bucket List Plan [29:20]
  • How to achieve your Bucket List  [34:33]
  • How to prioritize the things on your Bucket List   [40:55]
  • Learn more about the Bucket List program  [44:45]

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