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The Wealth Course Coach Hannah Koenig

Hannah Koenig helps entrepreneurial leaders build wealth and become well-resourced by cultivating financial stability, sovereignty, and sustainability. Her commitment to closing the wealth gap inspired her to found The LeadWell Summit in 2021, an annual global wealth event. Hannah has been featured in top publications for her work in the financial, leadership, and business space such as Forbes, Thrive Global, and NPR, among others.

This multiple six-figure entrepreneur and Forbes Coaches Council member grew up on food stamps, below the poverty line. As a kid, the only thing she understood about money was that her family didn’t have it. Her fear of finances carried on into her twenties where she found herself facing eviction, mountains of debt, and the consequences of just about every financial mistake a person can make. After becoming an entrepreneur she realized that earning more was only a fraction of the equation. It was then that she committed to fully transforming her relationship with money. In a few short years, Hannah went from a negative net worth to becoming an investor, owning multiple properties, and building tangible wealth. Her own journey of financial liberation catalyzed the work she does today.

Episode Highlights:

  • Hannah’s financial challenges [5:20]
  • Started her coaching business for entrepreneurs  [8:07]
  • Being a business coach in wealth building  [9:20]
  • What are the misconceptions about money  [10:35]
  • How to manage your money better [13:32]
  • Creating emergency funds for your business  [15:24]
  • Getting tax professionals for small businesses  [23:50]
  • How much should you charge for your services/business  [27:20]
  • The success stories of clients she has helped   [30:30]
  • Three things to think about when investing as an entrepreneur [34:55]
  • Learn more about Hannah and her mentorship [36:11]

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