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Multifamily real estate, best and safest investment today

Eric Panecki is an innovative Real Estate Finance professional with an extensive background in capital placement, real estate acquisitions, data analytics, and marketing. Before founding both Leverage Companies and BRKCTY Capital, Eric’s work experience primarily focused on the real estate hedge fund and private lending space. Eric has been able to “Leverage” his expertise in structuring intricate capital stacks by finding creative solutions to complex problems, to garner a reputation for being a closer and a deal maker. 

Episode Highlights:

  • How Eric became business-oriented early on [3:50]
  • Overcoming his “weakness” in sales  [7:50]
  • How they started their debt and equity services [10:10]
  • Changes in the housing market today compared to previous months [12:20]
  • What are the safest investments in the market today  [14:30]
  • How Eric got into real estate investing [18:10]
  • His advice to people who want to start investing  [25:30]
  • Learn more about Eric and Brick City Capital [34:10]

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