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Jay Dhahan is the CEO of NextGen Wealthy and he is a Neuro-Performance and Lifestyle coach, and serial entrepreneur with multiple high-energy companies. Jay fully understands the challenges in creating work-life balance while establishing a tangible direction for a business thriving to 10X its income, culture, and energy.
Jay’s coaching practices help make essential and transformative changes in people’s lives with the necessary tools, strategies, and support. He specializes in identifying and developing your strengths, while also working on improving the qualities and skills that are preventing you from truly thriving. With a heavy background in psychology, neuro-linguistics, and hypnotherapy, it allows him to take a neuroscientific approach on daily practices, routine building and intellectual strategies that help you understand your full potential and how to implement it in your business.

Episode Highlights:

  • Who is Jay Dhahan  [3:06]
  • His first business right after high school  [7:15]
  • How Jay got into real estate  [9:40]
  • Network and build meaningful connections  [16:35]
  • Empowering young people in interpersonal skills  [28:20]
  • How to get into the Next Generation Academy program  [31:50]
  • Amazing results of getting into Next Generation’s program  [33:30]
  • Learn more about Jay and his program  [37:20]

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