Have you ever watched or read about a business success story, got really fired up to work on your own business, and then fell flatter than a pancake because you were missing the key pieces about how they really did it?

Yeah, me too.

Hi, I’m Matt Shields, and I want to tell you how I went from literally living in my van to being a multi-million real estate investor and multi-preneur.

When the market crashed in 2008, like many people, I lost everything. Quite literally.

I was living in my van and taking showers at the local community center.

They say necessity is the motherhood of ingenuity, and let me tell you, nothing defines necessity like being able to afford your own bathroom.
Or bedroom.
Or kitchen.

In my new community, Pass the Secret Sauce: The Mastermind, I not only share my own journey, but I also help connect you with past and future guests on the Pass the Secret Sauce Podcast, so you get inside information on their journey, have the opportunity to ask questions, and get the scoop on how to build and level up your business.

You can jump in at any time, and my live calls are at (date/time).

We’ll cover things like:

Common misconceptions about the business journey

No, you don’t have to have all the answers to get started. See 2008 Matt, in a van, down by the river.

How to create and implement lasting core values to sustain your business

I’ll teach you how to animal-proof your business so you don’t worry about bears and bulls ever again.

How to craft a compelling brand narrative to attract both clients and investors

I’m about to ruin every book you’ve never read.

How to make the hard decisions, easier

Maximize your time, effort, and energy on the important stuff!

How to build an invested, engaged team – with no drama!

You’re really going to want these quick tips to identify your new potential VP from your next horror story.

How to make your pitch a homerun and not a strikeout.

Hint- you won’t be the one begging to get someone involved!

How to systemize for your success

We’ll talk and learn about every area of your business, so nothing ever falls through the cracks again.

What makes me different from every other business or real estate guru?

My background is in commercial construction for about 15 years, with 10 years of that owning my own electrical contracting company. When I am researching different properties for investment, I know what I’m looking for, and what I am getting myself and my investors into, because of my boots-on-the-ground experience.
In 2005, we weren’t able to control our toasters or thermostats from our phones – but as an electrical contractor, I focused on energy management and developing systems to control warehouse lighting and HVAC systems remotely. This experience forged a technology company that specializes in creating customized software solutions for many mid-to-large companies, like projects for Amazon, LG, and Phillips.

Over 15 years delving into operations of different industries, and various size companies gives me a unique perspective on “the secret sauce” needed to establish a successful business.

My goal is to help you strengthen your business base, and launch or level up your business, so you can give back and give hands up like never before.

I’m not in this for the money.
There is more than enough room at the table for everyone.
I’m in this for myself – 12 years ago. For the person who thinks their business dreams can’t happen because of…. You fill in the blank.
I’m in this to help ‘the little guy’ understand how the market works, and make it work for you.
Anyone can play this game. I’m not just here to teach you the rules – I’m here to coach you on how to win!
This is my every day, from boots on the ground to corporate boardrooms and back.
Walk with me, and others just like you, through the trenches.

Here’s what others have said about working with me.

“Working with Matt and his team has been transformative for our company.”

Frank Bauck, COO
Ohio State Waterproofing

“Matt is smart, funny, and successful, and helps others become the same.”

Aurora Winters

“Matt has the uncanny ability to really dig into the heart of the matter, but to do so in a very calm, conversational, and personal way.”

Andrew McConnell

“Matt is great he takes the time to ask pointed and thoughtful questions which gives you plenty of actionable takeaways.”

Michael Roderick

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